"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

— Helen Keller
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River Cruising

Recess on the River

When you choose to take a river cruise, you don’t just experience the beauty of the lands that you are visiting while you are in port, you experience them throughout the entirety of your trip.

River cruises combine all the luxury and simplicity of cruising, with the cultural immersion that comes with travelling through the heart of your destination. Throughout our existence, waterways have been the routes by which people and cultures have ventured forth to new frontiers. They have been the pathways that bring together all the different people and culture that make up our world. As civilizations have grown, waterways have been their lifelines of enlightenment and expansion.

Enjoy the scenery of your excursion all day as you are enveloped in the beauty of your destination, whether on or off the boat. Experience the serenity of relaxing on deck as your backyard transforms before your eyes. Enjoy the adventure of exploring the many incredible experiences each port has to offer. And experience the wonder of what it means to truly feel the depth of each incredible place that your journey may take you.

At Recess 4 Grownups, we have experienced, first hand, the wonder of exploring new places in such a unique and intimate vacation setting. Let us help to find the adventure suited perfectly to you.